Because I specialize in children and family, I limit the number of weddings i do to four or five per year!  If you are interested, please be sure to email me and i can send you some information!  My packages starts at $1600.

leslie & roy

christin & eric

erin & cameron

jen & chad {9.20.2014}

sam & patrick

chris and kelsey

tripp & whitney {10.28.13}

jt & natalie {6.29.13}

I can’t tell you how excited and scared i was when natalie called me and asked me to take pictures at her “engagement party” and then proceeded tell me that it was actually a SURPRISE wedding! HOLY MOLY!!! How fun, but i was SOOOOO scared that I would be the one to give away the secret! I mean that is BIG secret to keep! So i convinced myself… “it’s just a party cindy, just a party.” I guess i figured if i could convince myself of that, i wouldn’t give away the big news!!! So as everyone gathered, i just pretended to be oblivious to the fact that all of the hostesses had a secret they weren’t telling. About an hour into the party, JT took the mic and thanked everyone for coming… talked about how special it was to have so many people right there with them that loved them and supported them. And then… SHOCK AND AWE 2013. JT and Natalie joked about how they hadn’t set a date and then said, “but TODAY we are excited to let you know that we have set a date. Since you are all right here…. we are gonna do it right here, RIGHT NOW!” I sort of paraphrased that i think, but there were gasps, laughter, tears of joy… oh my gosh everyone was SHOCKED and amazed…. AND IT WAS PERFECT! About 10 minutes after the announcement, the “sanctuary” was ready the parents (who were still in shock but so excited) were ready to walk down the isle! The hostesses were so proud of themselves…. to plan this whole event knowing what was about to happen…. AND IT WAS PERFECT. JT was handsome as ever with a permanent grin on his face… and a few tears… Natalie was radiant and beaming with excitement! All of the onlookers were so excited, shocked, and overwhelmed with love for these two! I hope these pictures tell the story for JT and Natalie…. it was sort of one of those “you just had to be there” events, but just know that anyone that WAS there will tell you that IT WAS PERFECT and amazing! Loved being there to capture this for you guys and thanks for trusting me with such a big secret!

curt & beth {6.29.13}

They are married!  I knew that Curt and Beth were pretty fun and special when i met them at their engagement session, but when you add in their family… i mean… double the fun and triple the special!  This wedding is a true testimony of waiting for the one the Lord intended for you to marry!  This two met on the mission field and live a life for God… their relationship started on the right foot and only grew from there!  Their wedding was a true celebration of the Lord bring two together to be one and i am so glad they asked me to be part of that!  I hope you guys love your preview and i can’t wait to see how the Lord uses you all together!

tripp & whitney