sam & patrick

Ford is NINE months | Central Georgia Infant Photography

Ford and his mom came up to meet me at Dauset Trails Sunday afternoon since that is a little closer to Macon. It was so fun to see him! He has had a busy summer and I am sure he is glad to be home sleeping in his own crib! Ford’s dad is the Young Life Area Director in Macon and they spent 4 weeks out in CO on YL camp assignment… then also had some family vacation trips AND a few other trips here an there! I think MOM is probably also glad to be home and settled into a normal routine! Hope you like your sneak peek!

Joseph | Central Georgia Senior Photographer

I was excited to finally have a reason to head out to Dauset Trails last Sunday! Joseph’s mom thought it would be perfect for their shoot. Joe is a Senior at Jackson High School. He’s a runner, a wrestler, and I need to add in there, quite a comedian. We laughed all the way through this session! Hope you guys love it!