1st braves game and 1st day of school

A few weeks ago, Daniel and I took the kids to their VERY first Braves game!!!  We had LOTS of fun and even Lawson seemed to enjoy all of the music and entertainment.  Miles was a little bummed that Tim Hudson wasn’t pitching… but I don’t really think he would have known the difference!!!

I took a break this past week from shooting so I could focus on my OWN baby boy who started PreK at Crescent. He goes to school every day and all day! Such a big boy! I did get pretty teary almost every day last week when I dropped him off and he climbed up those stairs on his own!

This stage of life goes by so quick… sometimes it amazes me. That is one reason why I love my job so much. I wish I could follow all of my clients around on the first day of school to capture that moment of independence and anticipation, but I am really glad I was able to be there that morning with my sweet Miles!

end of the summer QUICK trip

Lawson and I got to visit with our friends Bekah, Steve, and Eliza down at Hilton Head for about 36 hours! It was super quick, but very sweet and fun to get the girls together. I was able to do a quick shoot for their family while we were there (see the post below). I also took a few of Lawson… and her buddy Eliza together! Here are just a few!

family beach trip 2010

I just wanted to share a few pictures of our family trip we took last week! It was SO nice to have down time. No wireless connection and BAD cell service… a forced “unplugged” vacation! I am finally getting caught up and you should be seeing more PICTURES in the next few posts rather than WORDS!!!

Some photo tips for YOUR beach trips….
get down LOW… on your kid’s level… especially babies
get sandy
get toes
get bottoms/legs and NO face
look for reflections at the edge of the waves
try taking your picture OFF center
try to go VERTICAL instead of horizontal
WEAR sunscreen!!!!


I had a few photo shoots with friends during my visit to Charlottesville. Of course i threw on a sweet dress for Lawson and snagged a few pictures of her too!!! Couldn’t resist… the UVA campus is an awesome backdrop for any photographer!!!