meet florence and elliott {my baby niece and nephew}

Well, back in November, i got to spend a few days with my newest and littlest niece and nephew up in PA! Are they precious or what! They came about 7-8 weeks before expected and only had to stay 3 weeks in the NICU so they could learn to eat on their own… otherwise, they came out healthy and happy… just itty bitty! For the sake of my crazy fall schedule we had already scheduled my visit to be last week… which ended up to be JUST right. It gave them time to fatten up (in the cutest way possible). That visit was so nice because not only did i have my brother and sister-in-law all to myself, but i also had plenty time to snuggle and help with feedings! Selfishly, i am already trying to figure out how i can capture their other major milestones like i do for my GA clients and I can’t wait for my kiddos to meet them and to have a good visit with the twins big brothers, connor and zach, too!

I am missing you guys and am sad to think about how big they will be next time i see them!!! Love you all!!!

my lawson…. in the clover

i had fun with my little one in the clover too!

my two are almost three and almost six {lawson & miles}

I thought I would share a few of my TWO babies tonight!  Over the weekend i took some pictures of Lawson in a little outfit I had made for her birthday, but I also grabbed these shirts and got Miles out too for a quick shoot.  Yes, yes, yes… i know i take a ton of pictures, and i post a ton of pictures… so please forgive me if you feel like they get redundant or you get sick of seeing MY kids.  But… i love to capture their expressions and sometimes that means… taking LOTS of pictures… anyone can do that.  Taking lots of pictures also helps me to feel like I am not missing out on anything and my kids will be able to look back and see what they looked like at that moment in September of 2011 (in the silly matching shirts mom made them wear)!

I often wonder what other mamas see in their kids faces and appearances in the images I capture for them…. being able to look back is priceless.  When I look at these the first things that go through my mind are “where is my baby girl that had no hair?” and “when did Miles start looking like a KID and not a preschooler?”  I know they are growing… and i know time is passing by to quickly… miles’s pants and jeans from last spring are about 2 inches TOO short and Lawson’s “bermuda” shorts are now “booty” shorts that we don’t wear in public anymore!  I had to buy a spray bottle to TAME miles’s THICK hair every morning and Lawson wore her first pigtails in public TONIGHT!

They are also growing to love each other more every day and talking to each other like they might talk their friends!  Don’t get me wrong… there is plenty of sass and bickering to go around, but I LOVE to see them interact and care for eachother!!!

So… here they are… my babies that don’t look so much like babies anymore!

a prayer for my daughter, a birthday wish, and a sweet baby boy…

I am hijacking my own blog for a minute…

I often find myself praying for my sweet baby girl, Lawson, praying that she will grow to be the girl/woman that God would have her be, but I also find myself praying for her friends and the people she will encounter in her life.  Most of all I pray that there will be that one person in her life that…

she can have a PJ day with… even when she is in her 30s…

someone that she can have over for dinner even if the house is a mess….

someone that might help her pick up the mess…

someone that will make her dig deeper… even if it is hard

someone that she can baptize get up close and personal with

some one she can tell all of her thoughts and dreams too

someone she can get pedicures with

someone she can think about the future with

some one she can be comforted by when faced with the really hard times that will come her way

some one she can have fun with

someone she can be herself with

and someone that she might even get in a “little” bit of trouble with

as long as it can count as a “learning” experience

All of these pictures were taken on a super quick trip that Lawson and I took to my friend Bekah’s over the break last week!  Lawson and Eliza were born 6 weeks apart, and I don’t know if they will grow to love each other like I pray they do.   It is a little difficult to try and cultivate a friendship for two year olds when one is in Georgia and the other in Virginia.  What I do know is that Eliza’s mom has been this person for me… the definition of a true friend and sister.  Her birthday is tomorrow (march 1), and I just wanted to take a minute to say THANKS for being a friend that I can 100% be ME around… a friendship that hasn’t been affected by distance, age, children, or anything else!  I am grateful that the Lord has provided Godly husbands for both of us and other incredible friends where we are now, too and I do hope that there won’t always be 2 states between us.  I wish I could come up tomorrow and take you out for Mexican and a pedicure… but we will get that chance sometime soon!

I hope you have a GREAT birthday…. eat lots of cake!

OH… and so here are a few pictures of Bekah and Steve’s new baby boy Owen (he was our main reason for the quick visit).  He is such a sweetheart, precious, handsome, and of course… gorgeous eyes!