I met this family for the first time last weekend and all I have to say is that I have a feeling Thanksgiving is fun at Mimi and Papa’s house! I had a great time with them, the kids were very well behaved, but the moms and dads were another story! There is a set of twins in these pictures, can you tell who they are?! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!!!


MORE Brothers!

I got together with this FUN family this past weekend too! It is always great to include family pets in the photo shoots, but not only are those pups the family pets, but they also are worked pretty hard as hunting dogs! Little Damon and Clayton were lots of fun to be around and of course mom and dad only added to that! I loved being with you guys and hope you enjoy your sneak peek! There are LOTS more! Check out this website to learn more about what DAD does… it is pretty cool!

The Baker Family

This family was such so much fun to get to know! Our original shoot got rained out about 30 minutes into it… so a week later we got to finish up! The funniest part is that I could take about 10 pitures of little Katelyn in a row and EACH of them would have a different expression… usually NOT serious! Both of the kids were so cute and fun (mom and dad were too!)! Hope you all enjoy your sneak peak!