Leighton (8) and Ellis (4) | Central Georgia Children’s Photographer

These two seriously moved the cute factor up a bit! I don’t know if it is their chocolate brown eyes, the fact that they had just come from a trip to the beach with tan skin, or just a picture perfect smile! They warmed up to me quickly. I think I learned with Henry (a few entries down) that boys this age LOVE to ham it up for the camera and Leighton would do anything we asked as long as he could get his silly out too! You will notice that I had too many to choose from. I had lots more with mom and dad, lots of silly, and lots more of what you will see below!!! Mom… i am pretty sure you will love your sneak peek!

um… excuse me… the shorts… i love them!

Henry & Lucy | Central GA Children’s Photographer

Okay, I have to introduce this session by letting you know ahead of time that Henry is 7 and Lucy is 4. Now, Henry is at that age where he is very concerned about what is COOL and what is NOT. Apparently he THOUGHT that coming to take pictures with ME was NOT going to be cool. He also didn’t think what his mom picked out for him was cool either, but little does he know… that is exactly what the “ladies” like these days! Somehow… I won him over… you will see by the very last picture what I mean. Anyway, both he and Lucy were NOT super excited about getting dressed up on a Saturday afternoon after they had been to an egg hunt and soccer games! Even Lucy would have preferred to be in her soccer uniform than a DRESS! We STILL had fun… and they kept me laughing the whole time! I hope you love your sneak peek, mom, I had a VERY hard time picking!!!

I want these pants for my little boy… okay? (I am hoping the Easter bunny read that)!

I wish I had enough room to show you the outtakes of THIS below… right after this, Lucy gave her brother a BIG kiss and he was completely mortified!

Henry just looks like a college boy here to me!!! Watch out mom!

Okay, below would be only ONE example of how I THINK I won him over. Silly pictures are fun for me too and I am convinced that the Griffin Historical Society will want to use THIS as the cover of their newsletter next month!

Mother Son Jammin’ Fun!

I got to spend last Friday at the Mother Son Jammin’ Fun Dance and had so much fun. The teachers made this super cute (but also COOL) backdrop for the pictures! I always enjoy taking pictures of these kids AND love that they provide so many chances for moms and dads to spend a special night with their kids!

I love this guy’s shorts below. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for madris/patchwork shorts and pants!!!

Below are a few quick shots from the dance floor.

This group is NO fun at all!!! 🙂 Just kidding… I sometimes WANT to be a teacher just so I can hang out with them more!

Playing in the Woods

This family was VERY fun to hang out with last Saturday! I was afraid my car was going to bust going through the woods, but when we arrived, I got pretty excited seeing all of the different opportunities for some great shots. Steven, Jacob, and Savannah made my job pretty easy, and hung in there with me as we explored the property. I had a VERY hard time limiting my blog entry to 10 pictures… had to go over just a bit! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek mom and I am excited about you other ideas coming up!

Apparently, Savannah LOVES to dress up… really, what girl doesn’t? It was so funny to take pictures of this sweet little “princess” in the woods. She showed her true heart by throwing on her rain boots! How cute… and the girl can accessorize!