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My sweet little Lawson….

Lawson is here and already 16 days old! I really can’t believe how fast the last 2 weeks have gone by! The delivery and FIRST stay at the hospital were great! When we got settled in at home, though, I had some complications with my blood pressure and had to be re-admitted to the hospital. NO FUN! It was pretty scary for us, but the doctors and nurses were awesome and took great care of all of us! Below are some (probably too many) pictures from our stay at the hospital and a few that I took last week! Hope you enjoy! If you would like to read more about our 2nd stay at the hospital and see more pictures, just shoot me an email, and I will be glad to share a link to our family website with you!

Daniel’s first moments with Lawson!

Miles gets to meet his little sister for the very first time!

Heading home!!!

First pictures from last week!

Just a few pics from tonight before Lawson comes!

We are scheduled for the C-section tomorrow morning at 10 AM! It dawned on me that tonight was my last chance to get any pictures with Miles and our 3 PERSON family. Even though I am on “bed rest” we ventured out for about 15 minutes so my friend Rachel could get a few shots for us! Thanks Rachel! Please keep us in your prayers and we will post a few pics of Lawson soon!

A nose kiss from Miles!

Lots of Cuteness Below!

Okay…. so seriously, who would have thought a 9lb 2oz, 22.5 inch baby could have come from this little mama! Not so Little Parker is only 14 days in these pictures and as sweet as can be! His mom and dad are loving every minute of thier new life as parents… even the sleepless/challenging parts of it! I hope you love your sneak peeks and I can’t wait to watch this one grow!!!! Check out Parkers’ muscles! Don’t mess with this kid!

There is just something about smushy, pouty, baby faces……

Adam and Allison

Just last week, I got to do an engagement session for Adam and Allison. They are due to be married in just 3 weeks! I had a great time getting to know them AND their sweet dogs. My only wedding day advice…. soak it ALL in! Things will begin to fly by, but just soak it up as much as you can!!! Have some time between now and then for a date just for you two (no wedding talk)!!! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Class of 2009: Brett!!!!

I had a great time with Brett last week doing her senior pictures!!! She will be graduating from Spalding High this coming May! It was so fun getting to know you! Hope you like your sneak peek AND can’t wait to hear what is in store for next fall!!!

A few days at the beach!

Daniel, Miles, and I got to spend a week out Surfside Beach, SC, visiting our friends Patsy and Chuckles (AKA Pat and Charlie). We absolutely love visiting them during the summer. This year was especially fun because Miles loved EVERYTHING! He love the ocean waves, sand (even if it rubbed him raw), ducks, pigeons, the pool, eating out, eating in, his big boy bed (pull out twin size bed), his new toys (P & C have 2 grandchildren and are always prepared!), and he just loved all of the new experiences. He “liked” them last year, but he was ALL ABOUT it this year! Thanks P&C for a great visit… you guys are the best. Hope you all enjoy a few of our favorite pictures!
Also… scheduling is beginning to pick up for the fall already. I have some sessions open in August, and will for sure be letting you all know about my fall mini-session dates. Most of them will be in September and hopefully early October. Miles arrived a month early, so I have to keep that in mind when working on my calendar. Baby (GIRL) Lawson may take after her brother and come early too. Please shoot me and email for more information!

Happy 4th!

These are just a few “patriotic” pictures of my little guy from LAST summer’s beach trip. We didn’t have the cute little flag suit for this year, BUT I will be posting a few pictures soon of THIS year’s trip! Hope you all enjoy a day off to relax and have some fun!!

The Baker Family

This family was such so much fun to get to know! Our original shoot got rained out about 30 minutes into it… so a week later we got to finish up! The funniest part is that I could take about 10 pitures of little Katelyn in a row and EACH of them would have a different expression… usually NOT serious! Both of the kids were so cute and fun (mom and dad were too!)! Hope you all enjoy your sneak peak!


Yesterday, we headed down to Twin Oaks Fun Farm in Barnesville, GA to pick some strawberries! The family that owns it says they have been in business for about 2 years and it is REALLY fun! We picked a few pounds of strawberries, tasted some strawberry ice cream, visited the sweet animals at the petting area, and then played on their AWESOME playground. It was really a great morning. The facility is very clean and you can tell that people of all ages truly enjoy it!!! We may think about having Miles’s 3 year old party out there for some pumpkin pickin’!!!

Sneaking a bite!

Trying to count all of his strawberries!!

my little guy

These are just a few more SPRING/EASTER pictures of my little boy Miles. I do have some more mini session days coming up… so be sure to check your email for the info!!! Be sure to check out the last picture for a little secret!

There’s just something about kids and WHIRLY pops!

This is little Miles in his Dad’s white button down @ 2 1/2 years. We will try to do this every year until he grows into it!

Just a little secret… Miles can really spell these days!!! His little brother or sister will be here October 22nd!