meet florence and elliott {my baby niece and nephew}

Well, back in November, i got to spend a few days with my newest and littlest niece and nephew up in PA! Are they precious or what! They came about 7-8 weeks before expected and only had to stay 3 weeks in the NICU so they could learn to eat on their own… otherwise, they came out healthy and happy… just itty bitty! For the sake of my crazy fall schedule we had already scheduled my visit to be last week… which ended up to be JUST right. It gave them time to fatten up (in the cutest way possible). That visit was so nice because not only did i have my brother and sister-in-law all to myself, but i also had plenty time to snuggle and help with feedings! Selfishly, i am already trying to figure out how i can capture their other major milestones like i do for my GA clients and I can’t wait for my kiddos to meet them and to have a good visit with the twins big brothers, connor and zach, too!

I am missing you guys and am sad to think about how big they will be next time i see them!!! Love you all!!!

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