denny & kacie {8.4.12}

I don’t think i have ever checked more in one day that i did on THIS day of Denny and Kacie’s wedding.  We had several days of DOWN-POURS and on THIS saturday it called for 50-60% chances of rain ALL day!  YIKES!  Kacie didn’t sweat it at all… even when it said 75% right at ceremony time.  It thundered and looked like the sky was just going to open up and drench us!  Luckily we already made arrangements for them to “see each other” early and do pictures BEFORE the ceremony!  I think i only felt about 3 drops that entire time!  God was for sure good to us!!!  This is another one of those couples that i knew as “kids”.  I was Denny’s youth director for several years, my husband taught both of them, and even helped coach Denny’s high school soccer team!  Having this connection with them makes capturing this day even more special.  These two have been “together” since middle school!  They fit together and are each marrying their own best-friend!  Kacie dreamed up her wedding using her “glass flower” as the START… from there she chose her colors and i am telling you… it was another Pinterest sort of wedding!  It was fit to their personalities just right… even down to the tie-dyed cake!  Lots of details, lots of friends and family, lots of fun… all while being surrounded by love!  Congrats you guys and i am so glad i got to be part of this!

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