parker is going to be a big brother!

UPDATE!!!! What i couldn’t tell you when I first posted these pictures is that this SWEET family HAD been picked for a MATCH, but daddy, surprised mama and told her THAT day @ the shoot. He bought her a gift that symbolized the match AND we had her open it and a card! I loved helping to capture this moment for them! I think Amanda was more shocked that Ryan actually KEPT the secret that long!!!! Congrats guys… that is one lucky baby GIRL!!!!
It has been a few months since i have seen this little guy and the FIRST time i have done his pictures with a BIG BOY haircut! I have loved getting to know this family and SOOO love that they are WAITING to welcome a new baby into their home through adoption! To me, adoption is one of the most amazing gifts you can give a child. You pray, you wait, and then you get a call to welcome to your home a child who needs more love than they will ever understand and know! The last few of these pictures are for their adoptive family profile. Expecting mothers will look through the pages of their life together and decide if THIS is the family she wants to give her baby to! I know that it is all in the Lord timing, but I do hope this family doesn’t have to wait TOO long! Parker is ready to be a BIG brother!!!

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