tori @ twenty months

It had been a few months since i have seen little miss tori in action and i was AMAZED at her new skills she is working on!!! My girl can pull up, stand holding hands, and crawl on all fours!!! Why is this amazing for THIS 20 month old? Because she is amazing all of the people who surround her and love her by showing us that her Spina Bifida is NOT going to slow her down! She is also starting to master walking with her cute little walker. Not only is this sweet girl determined, but she is pretty much a pure delight! Just hearing her sweet little voice say “hey”, melts your heart and puts a huge goofy smile on EVERY ONE’s face! I love it! I know you guys are going to have fun this Christmas and SO glad it is 100% different than LAST Christmas! Hope you love your preview!! Glad you (and tori) are in our lives!!!

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