sophie from boston is ONE (three sessions in 4 days)

Sophie was back in town for a few weeks for a visit with her Aunt Heather and her cousins! I was excited to get to do her one year pictures… but it doesn’t stop there! I also got to come photograph her birthday party and then the day after that we did a shoot with ALL of the people in sophie’s life that love her! It was very sweet! She has grown up a lot in the last few months and i love that she is super girlie!!!

Sophie’s pearls and her mom’s bracelet were designed by Becky Lane of the Lane Collection! Check her out on facebook!

Sophie’s party was so cute and fun! I loved the OWL theme and all of the little details that mama and Aunt Heather worked on!! It is always fun to see these little ones surrounded by the people that love them most at their parties… and they are mostly oblivious to the fact that the party is ALL about THEM! Sophie didn’t love getting messy with the cake, but when mama broke out the fork… she was ALL business, and ate almost ALL of that smash cake! Thanks for letting me come capture these moments!

I love that I got to see Sophie three times in one week! She was only in Griffin for a few weeks so we had to squeeze it all in before she had to head back to Boston! One of mama’s and Aunt Heather’s goals was to get in a generational shoot with Gigi, Sophie’s great grandmother. So we had 4 generations there together… which is pretty awesome because not too many kids these days get to spend quality time with a great grandparent! Hope you guys love your preview and I hope you had a great visit here at home!

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