liam & julian

I had a great visit last week with these two guys from Peachtree City! Liam and Julian are only a grade apart in school and both such neat guys. They are interested and different things and like to talk about different topics, but are very connected on a brotherly level! Of course the thought of “cuddling or snuggling” was OUT… but they managed to give me a few seconds of “standing really close together”. I love it when guys sort of hit that mark of realizing “that’s not cool”… luckily, they came with some of their own ideas! Pretty soon my little guy is going to get to this point of not wanting to TOUCH, snuggle, much less KISS his little sister… moms say it happens before you know it! I hope you like your preview mom! It was so great to meet you! Even though these two are older… i hope you won’t wait TOO long before your next shoot!

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