carolyn & francois | 9.10.11

aving the chance to capture a day like this for someone you LOVE is always an honor, but also a bit intimidating… the pressure is on. Although, Carolyn was probably the most laid back bride you could meet… cool as a cucumber… seriously… down to the minute. Maybe she was anxious on the inside, but I am pretty sure that afternoon, no one knew it! She and Francois have a pretty unique story… they met in Griffin (her hometown) but HE is from South Africa and a month after they started dating SHE moved to Vietnam to teach English! So alot of their official dating relationship was overseas and they got to know the world of SKYPE very well!!! Being long distance i know was hard, but they learned pretty quick one of the hardest aspects of marriage, COMMUNICATION! I was excited to meet this guy that captured her heart and MY kids seemed to approve (that is somewhat critical in MY house). They loved him… and if you were in the back of the crowd at the wedding you might have overheard my son say, “Daddy, Francois gave her a Beauty and the Beast kiss!” Carolyn has been someone our family has loved… starting out as her youth director, but after she moved on… a friend (and a fun babysitter for the kids).

Their day was full of fun and laughter (and lots of amazing friends/family doing some amazing things behind the scenes to bring her vision all together). It was fun to see so many people there surrounding her and Francois with love, prayers, and best wishes for a great start to a new chapter in their lives! I hope your day was everything you guys hoped for and i hope you love your preview!

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