avery claire is ONE

Another one of my “baby” girls graduated out of my “watch me grow” plan! I am getting a little sad! Miss Avery Claire was so fun and sweet! It is amazing that as soon as they get MOBILE the “i want to do it myself” mentality sets in!!! She didn’t LOVE changing all of her outfits until we just totally stripped her down to her cute little rufflebutt panties and then she was in HEAVEN! BUT… oh she looks precious in all of her sweet little outfits!!! She killed her cupcake which was funny… I am pretty sure she would have licked ALL of the icing off and picked up every sprinkle if we had let her. BUT, the fun had to end and it was so sad to take it away from her!!! I have loved getting to know you guys and watching this sweet little girl get big and funny!! I hope you love your preview! I know these next few weeks will be extra special!!!

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