amelia is FIVE | atlanta family photographer

This was my first visit with miss amelia and her family! Word of mouth is amazing sometimes. This family got my name from one of their friends, who got my name from one of their friends, who got their names from one of THEIR friends, who is a client (and now a good friend of mine). So is that 3rd generation “word of mouth”? I was only able to squeeze in a shoot with this family because i was heading to Chattanooga for a meeting that weekend. I think our conversation was… “I would love to do this, but the ONLY chance we have is at 3PM on Thursday.” and mama said “PUT ME DOWN”! I am so glad it worked out that way, but then so sad when I pulled up only to find it drizzling in the big city! Luckily our location was pretty wooded and mama came armed with an umbrella as the rain would come and go. It was so great to meet you guys (thanks for being so flexible)… and hope to see you again soon!

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