alexa @ 18 months

It has been a little too long since i have seen this sweet face! I miss seeing my “watch me grow” kids after they turn ONE! Now she is 18 months old and running, talking, dancing. I haven’t been back to her house since her birthday party! I got a little case of whiplash as i was walking around her house chit chatting during clothing changes… i would catch glimpses of some super sweet pictures, all framed and up on the wall, and I caught myself saying… .”Oh… I love that one.” and mama would say… “well, i hope so… you took it”. I think a couple of times i responded, “REALLY?”! I LOVE to see what people choose to do with their pictures… especially to see which ones were their favorites. Apparently the deal at their house was… if it was framed and on the wall… it was one of mine! I love it! Hope you guys love these… you are going to have to make some room on those walls!

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