addy H’s fall visit to the pumpkin patch

Well… this mama is one that will GO anywhere with me for a shoot which i love. She is always willing to be a guinea pig for a new spot, but that’s mostly because well… we have done so many shoots that we have worn out pike/spalding co. areas!! I ALSO love that a month before THIS shoot she was nailing ME down for her shoot in April… location and all, and if you KNOW her, you know she already has her outfits lined up! I LOVE it!

This time around we met up in the North GA mountains at Burt’s Pumpkin Patch. It is only a 2.5 hr drive from Griffin and i REALLY recommend it! Right up the road is a quick hike/walk to the Amicolola falls and we did it all! They stayed the night in Dawsonville and then met me at Burt’s the minute it opened (daddy LOVED us for that one)! ADDY loved the big huge pumpkins… LOVED. And just in case you were worried that John Deere didn’t make an appearance in our shoot (wouldn’t be right without it), rest assured that the tractor for our hayride was a big ole’ John Deere! We had so much fun and I am grateful to have mamas that are willing to drive and try out new spots! Hope you guys love your preview!!!!

Addy’s dress in the pumpkin patch was created by Shyla over at Simply Southern on facebook! Check her out and LIKE her!

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