my two are almost three and almost six {lawson & miles}

I thought I would share a few of my TWO babies tonight!  Over the weekend i took some pictures of Lawson in a little outfit I had made for her birthday, but I also grabbed these shirts and got Miles out too for a quick shoot.  Yes, yes, yes… i know i take a ton of pictures, and i post a ton of pictures… so please forgive me if you feel like they get redundant or you get sick of seeing MY kids.  But… i love to capture their expressions and sometimes that means… taking LOTS of pictures… anyone can do that.  Taking lots of pictures also helps me to feel like I am not missing out on anything and my kids will be able to look back and see what they looked like at that moment in September of 2011 (in the silly matching shirts mom made them wear)!

I often wonder what other mamas see in their kids faces and appearances in the images I capture for them…. being able to look back is priceless.  When I look at these the first things that go through my mind are “where is my baby girl that had no hair?” and “when did Miles start looking like a KID and not a preschooler?”  I know they are growing… and i know time is passing by to quickly… miles’s pants and jeans from last spring are about 2 inches TOO short and Lawson’s “bermuda” shorts are now “booty” shorts that we don’t wear in public anymore!  I had to buy a spray bottle to TAME miles’s THICK hair every morning and Lawson wore her first pigtails in public TONIGHT!

They are also growing to love each other more every day and talking to each other like they might talk their friends!  Don’t get me wrong… there is plenty of sass and bickering to go around, but I LOVE to see them interact and care for eachother!!!

So… here they are… my babies that don’t look so much like babies anymore!


  1. I love these kiddos!! And yes, they are growing too fast!

  2. They are growing up. When you made that comment about Lawson and no hair, I can totally picture her at that age. But now she looks so grown up. They both do. It is fun to see pictures of your kids; don’t ever think or worry what people think. They are yours and they are important!!!

  3. They are so cute & sweet!

  4. LOVE. They are so beautiful, Cindy! (The pictures are great, too!) The shots of them together are just precious.

  5. Time is FLYING BY!!! Lawson has “Laine hair”! I can hardly believe how grown they are already-and I’m so glad you made the decision to stay home with them. That’s one you’ll never regret! Love you!

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