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Back in April, a storm hit Chloe’s life in away that will impact her forever! We had dealt with a long stretch of bad weather and tornado warnings several times that month. But for our area… this night was devastating…. so many people in the South lost their life, lost their loved ones, lost everything…. chloe, marty, and patti were in that path of destruction. I had heard about this family in the news, but never thought I would get the chance to meet them. A mutual friend of ours contacted me to let me know that they had literally LOST it all, life, loved ones, everything. I am not great at cleaning, building, or cooking, but one thing I knew I could do was help capture the beginning of this new life that they have. Chloe lost her home and her parents in this storm…. but her smile (even with the scars) gives you that reassurance that she knows deep down that she is protected, loved, and cherished by so many. Her big brother marty and aunt patty, lived right next door and also lost EVERYTHING…. but through all of this, they gained a new family… they gained an appreciation for the love that bonds a family. They are now all together in a new home just a few miles from the land that got hit hard. Chloe has settled in to school, she has her big PINK room, her playhouse is a little girls dream, and that scooter is amazing! They are now a new kind of family…. a family that survived and a family that is taking the steps to move forward, heal, and start new. After hearing their stories, i know they will never forget the fear and pain they felt that night and the days to follow, but I also know they are truly holding on to HOPE and holding tight to those that love them and surround them.


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