charley is ONE

Well, I LOVE her name and i loved meeting her family (including grandparents) last Saturday!!! I got up super early for an 8 AM shoot that morning with charley, and as soon as i walked it their home, i was so sad I had eaten a frozen waffle on the way. I walked in to the smell of HOMEMADE biscuits, bacon, eggs, fresh fruit… i mean… a spread better than the Cracker Barrel itself! They offered several times, but i declined… i am pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to STOP eating!!! Charley was awesome… we dressed her up like a little doll and crammed in as many outfits, pictures, and places that we could! You can tell she LOVES her grandparents place, and I don’t blame her! It is awesome!!!

I am even more excited to hang out with Charley and her family and friends tomorrow for her birthday PARTY!!! I know it will be fun and sweet! See you all tomorrow!

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