tori the BIRTHDAY girl

When I think about this sweet little girl… the word extraordinary comes to mind! I can remember the day that Trey and Tara found out that Tori was diagnosed with Spina Bifida… it was just one of those days that you wish you could rewind. That was not on their radar screen when they went in for that ultrasound! The next few months Trey and Tara took things in stride… soaked in what this diagnosis COULD mean for the future of their sweet baby girl, did research, asked questions… but in all things trusted that she was going to be protected and otherwise healthy. Along with being first time parents, I can’t imaged the added stress of having all of the extra doctor appointments, tests, procedures, and surgeries. But how amazing that this sweet little Tori has been a LIGHT in so many lives. She is the first (and cutest) grandbaby on both sides of her family… and loved by so many friends, extended family, and church family! When you see her she flirts and talks right back to you. Her eyes are amazing and suck you in! She is progressing so much in her development and really hasn’t let anything stop her, she is even crawling (backwards… but she gets there)! I of course loved capturing her first year for Trey and Tara… and LOVED seeing her previous pictures splattered all over at her birthday party. Her actual birthday is TODAY (3/24)!! Trey and Tara… you guys are doing an amazing job and I know that (along with 1/2 of Griffin) you guys LOVE her to pieces. She is blessed to have you both for sure!!!

Tori’s cake was made by Kate over at Creative Provisions (check her out on facebook).


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