sweet caroline @ three months

This was my first visit with little miss caroline and her sweet mama from Camilla, GA. We pushed up our shoot to Monday afternoon because it looked like our original appointment was going to get rained out! This meant that this sweet baby was in the car for a 4 hour long road trip, a quick stop for a visit with some cousins, bath, and a snack… and then OFF to her first shoot with me! Mom had bought so many sweet things for us to “play” with. About half way into the shoot though… sweet girl told us she had just had enough for the day…. it was a big day for her. We let her have a little cat nap and the she even gave us a few more minutes, but she put her foot down when we tried to dress her like a bunny! You will see what I mean! I am looking forward to our next shoots… caroline is beautiful and super sweet! Hope you guys like your preview!!

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