sarah | class of 2011

Well, really, there are probably 100 things I could say about this sweet girl and her family, so I am not really sure where to start! I think I have known sarah since she was five, but later on, I was actually her youth director at FPC in Griffin. Sarah is one of those that you can SEE the tenderness and care in her heart before you HEAR about it. She absolutely loves children… not only that, but they are drawn to her. And she has a huge amount of compassion for those that are hurting. As her youth director, I saw this in action for many years particularly on all of our mission trips. As a mom… I saw this because she was one of our first and one of our favorite babysitters. I think I trusted her with my 2 week old baby more than I trusted myself sometimes! She would come over after school just to be a “mother’s helper” and back then, I could pay her with pedicures and chick-fil-a cards! Sarah notices the little things and just seems more aware of what is going on around her more than most people. While we can never really know what plans God has laid out in front of us… we can know and trust with confidence that those plans are bigger and better than anything we could ever dream, imagine, or plan on our own. Sarah will be graduating in just a few weeks and entering a whole new chapter in her life. I am very excited for her and confident that the next chapter will be unforgettable and more than she imagined!

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