paisley’s 1st birthday!!!

This was my second visit with Paisley and it just happened to be her party day!!! I always love to be a fly on the wall at parties like this… seeing people come together to celebrate one sweet baby girl is pretty neat. Even though I only knew THREE people in that house, I got a little teary during the prayer… it is so special for a mom and dad to have so many people surround them and encourage them as they learn and grow as parents. THESE are the people that will be involved in Paisley’s life for a long time… people that will love and impact her in a positive way. It is something she of course won’t appreciate until she gets older! One of the pictures I took originally was going to be a “young mom/sister/friend” picture, but it was funny how all of the little girls (and even some of the boys) wanted to jump in too. These kids and moms are very fortunate to have each other! It was also neat to meet Paisley’s aunts who also adore her and treat her like she is their daughter too! I loved hanging out with you guys to capture this very special day! Mama and Daddy, that baby girl sure is a blessing… soak it all in! Hope you like your preview!

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