meet mr. brennan @ six days

I loved visiting with this new little family! Mama received a gift certificate for a newborn shoot at one of her showers from one of her aunts! What a great gift! He is also the new cousin to one of my “watch me grow” grads, Ansley.

This sweet little guy came about a week early, but mama and daddy were ready! I can tell they are having lots of fun with him. Mama and I got a kick out of the fact that DADDY really was doing the MOST work during the shoot! Anytime sweet baby boy woke up or started to squirm… HE would be the one to talk with him and soothe him. The funny thing was that his “talking/soothing” was more like coaching… with a loud firm voice “you better go to sleep now boy… its okay, we are just taking pictures.” Daddy would pat him in the right spot and he would get this sweet little smile and drift off into baby dreamland! So funny… mamma and I couldn’t even pretend to imitate him, so we wouldn’t let him leave the room! Hope you guys like your preview!

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