meet lilah @ six days | north georgia newborn photographer

Well… I am not sure WHO gets the most points for this shoot… mom, for having baby #4, and six days later WANTING to drive THREE hours south with 3 other children under 5 years down to Griffin for a photo shoot with ME OR dad, for surviving 9 months with baby number 4 in his beloved’s belly all while being super-dad, then 6 days after baby #4’s birthday, loading up the car (for the 2nd time) with FOUR children under 5 years, driving 3 hours south for a newborn photo shoot (that he and the kids only participated in for about 30 minutes), only to make it an all day affair and then head home with 4 tired babies and a mama who probably should have been “resting”!

I guess they both get the prize because we cranked out some sweet pictures of baby Lilah and her family! She is precious and decided to literally stay awake for almost 3 hours… did you catch the “all day affair”… by the time we got her snoozing… she still only gave us about 30 minutes BUT… it was just enough time! It was perfect and I am pretty sure that both mama and daddy will know that it was WORTH it!

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