mccrae @ six months | atlanta georgia family photographer

Well… I am not sure where to start with this shoot. McCrae is CUTE and styling in her sweet little yellow romper and rose headband. On top of that she has super pinchable cheeks and she is 6 months old… which is one of my favorite stages. She thought everything was funny. Mama would quack like a duck and you would have thought she was a stand-up comedian… Mama would sing “the wheels on the bus” and she would start kicking her legs and clapping (so much that we were worried she would fall over). A few extra admirers were there to take pictures with McCrae too, and that was just fine with her… she especially loved her Uncle! What I didn’t know was ALL that mama had overcome to stand there holding her sweet baby… she has an amazing and inspiring story. There is no real quick way to say it but just know that before she got pregnant she had NO use of her legs… it was a sudden condition that only took 3 days to go from “normal” to in a wheelchair. Amazingly her pregnancy with McCrae gradually brought back some feeling in her torso and with some INTENSE physical therapy she was able to REtrain her body/legs/muscles to walk again. I mean… it is inspiring 100% and I was shocked with her standing right there beside me… you would never know. Her husband and mom were an incredible support… and I am sure her love for that sweet cheeked McCrae kept her going. That baby girl is a blessing, but that is one testimony of love and determination that one mama and daddy have! I loved getting to know you guys… and hope to see you again soon!

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