laughter really is the best medicine….

This shoot really might have set a record for the most laughter, fun, and silliness! It started out a little humorous because the RAIN was wanting to ruin our chance at our shoot. After “playing it by ear” then calling it off, we reeled it in and got the shoot done. It is always great to do extended family sessions. You get to see all of the different dynamics with the adults and kids, but the most fun is just to watch the kids interact, poke at each other, and love each other. Even the adults poked fun… the “sons” picked on “mom and dad” for kissing in public, they teased each other, tossed the football, and the younger boys were one step behind. The moms laughed and joked but still managed to make sure hair was brushed and that there were no clothing malfunctions! The grandparents played, participated, and observed with smiles and giggles! Someone was always dancing, to try and create the best smiles. My favorite was when i was focusing on one family and they ALL started cracking up… i turned around only to see PAPA right behind me waving his hands and dancing… working hard to get THAT smile! It was a great night! I am glad we waited out the rain, I am honored that I got the chance to capture these moments for this family, and i really hope they are memories they will cherish for a long time!

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