kelly & chad engagement

Well… I probably should have been worried when Chad and Kelly had to “meet me at the bottom of the mountain” to take me to the location we were using for their shoot! First of all, I didn’t quite realize there were mountains that close to me (in GA), and 2nd of all, i was also informed that this might be the worst year for TICKS! Yuck! HA! I was excited to see this special place… literally a (beautiful) cabin in the mountains! Abby and Oscar (their furry kids) joined us for the shoot and were very sweet and a great addition to the shoot. I have never had a “bride to be” hop in the back of a truck with 2 dogs all dressed up and manage to not get whacked in the head with tree limbs! We hiked… did a little rock hopping… and i KNOW that chad might have wished I was the one sitting in the back of the truck when I asked him (for the 100th) time, “do you think your truck will make it up this hill?” or “do you think that rock just popped your tire.” I was a nervous passenger… but of course we survived (they never seemed worried) and came out with some amazing pictures for them! I loved meeting the donkeys and goats! Thanks guys for (keeping me safe) choosing me to shoot your wedding! Can’t wait to see you in just a few short weeks!

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