julian & steven

I have several acquaintances and friends of friends that I get “caringbridge” website updates from that I like to check in on just to see how they are doing, but it is the strangest feeling to have someone that you call a friend make one… not for her kid or husband, but actually for her. After about a year of having some unexplained health issues, my friend Gina, was diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer. Just recently it was determined that she will have a VERY major surgery to remove most, if not ALL, of one of her lungs! Not only are we friends, but we are neighbors, our kids are great friends, and our husbands are also friends… i mean… it hits home a lot harder when you watch a family you care about struggle and fight through a trial like this! SHE is determined to take things step by step, and I am pretty sure she is now knows way more about this type of cancer than most anyone. Her boys keep her smiling and her husband continues to be a strong support. Between doctor appts and procedures, you can still see them out and about and playing outside! We will be praying for you guys next week for sure… i am pretty confident you are in the best hands around!

If you would like to stay up to date with Gina and her story, or learn more about Carcinoid Cancer…. you can visit this site: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/ginamichelle


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