griffin @ five years

This mama booked her son’s 5 year session pretty early! Of course the week before it stormed EVERY night, but WE were looking good for our Monday night session in Canton, GA… UNTIL about 10 minutes before the shoot when the BOTTOM DROPPED! Seriously… it was supposed to be sunny and 95 degrees! Instead it was storming and 77 degrees! We waited and waited and after an hour finally decided to reschedule. For whatever reason, i stuck around Canton. I am not sure why i just didn’t head home, but i was just driving around exploring and the sun popped back out! I was so grateful to Griffin’s mom for being flexible and jumping in the car and coming out for the shoot! I loved meeting this guy… he was VERY fun and VERY great at golf… even at 5! Because of the storm… we literally had the course to ourselves and he was in heaven! Hope you guys love your preview!!

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