brooks is ONE | atlanta ga family photographer

Brooks is now a big boy!!!! I have loved my trips to Atlanta and Decatur this year to visit with this family! It was so fun to get him smiling this time. Every visit involved some kind of music… so while we were out back this time, some of his favorite songs were playing through the outside sound system… makes the job a little more fun! Then that hot rod 4 wheeler was cracking me up. Too bad his little jon jon didn’t have 4 wheelers smocked on it! He knew just the right buttons to push to play his favorite songst! He would just get that big drooly smile going and break it down (like a one year old)! The last picture with Max was NOT hard… Max and Brooks apparently are pretty tight buddies… so as long as Brooks has Max and some music… he is in good shape! Hope you guys like your preview and I hope to see you this fall, 18 months will be right around the corner!

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