anlsey @ 2.5 years

Okay, I really do know that I talk about all of my kids (clients) being sweet, beautiful, big pretty eyes… and so on. I mean I really do LOVE all of my sweet little ones (and the ones they belong too)… BUT this was my first time meeting little miss ansley and i am pretty sure that SHE is in a category of cute and sweet all on her own. This sweet girl warms your heart with her smile and her big sweet eyes, but when she was willing to hold my hand as we walked over to the barns… it just sort of melted me! Knowing a little bit of Ansley’s story helps… and as a mom, I am amazed at the strength her parents have. Ansley was diagnosed on February 10, 2009 with an Optic Pathway Glioma and more recently, Neurofibromatosis (taken from her website). She has already finished 64 WEEKS of chemo… had a break and is about to start on another round for 52 weeks. That is once a week for a year. One thing that mom and dad shared with me that stuck in my mind the most was that they had to change the flooring in Ansley’s bedroom… not because they WANTED to change the way it looked, but because it was easier to clean up after sweet girl gets sick from her treatments. Hearing their stories and what is “normal” to them really puts life/motherhood in perspective. I know for them this is just one more step in the healing process… one more step to having her tumors shrink, but I will be praying and hoping that this round of chemo won’t affect her so hard now that she is bigger and older! It was SO great to meet you guys, and I think i will remember sweet Ansley holding my had for a long time! Praying for you all… and hope you love your preview!

If you want to read more about miss Ansley, you can visit her Caringbridge site here:

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