addy h turns two at the zoo

Well…. time is just flying by with little miss Addy. I am not sure if it is because even if there are months between our shoots… mom and i still email back and forth about locations and clothing and just getg excited about our next visit! Addy’s mama has always been a planner… and always has in mind what she wants. Because we had hit most of the local spots here in this area, we decided it was time to venture to the BIG city! We actually met up on Addy’s birthday last week… everyone took off work, got up early (without complaining), and got up there by 9ish AM! We met at a little spot near the zoo for some official “birthday” pictures (because the shoot we did last month was really her 22 month shoot), and THEN we ventured into ZOO ATLANTA!

I loved experiencing the zoo with Addy for the first time and I know her parents did too. The nice part about having ME tag along was that MOM didn’t have to worry about taking ANY pictures… and no ONE fussed at her for making them STOP for a picture! AND the BEST part… MOM actually got to be IN them with her sweet little girl and daddy! WE are usually left OUT of the pictures because typically moms are the ones behind the camera!

Addy LOVED the zoo. I think she was STUNNED and amazed. Her eyes were WIDE open the whole time… trying to soak it all in. She loved the animals and she LOVED the school children that were there on field trips. I have never known this child to be reserved or WANT to be held by mom… usually she is running, climbing, chatting, and just busy. But THAT day, she wanted to be held… she wanted to SEE everything, animals, people, EVERYTHING. She was interested and SO curious about the gorillas. I think we spent the most time there and probably could have stayed longer. By the end, i do think we were all tired, hot, and ready for lunch…. but it was a great morning! Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys! It has been a fun TWO years documenting her little life and your first couple years of parenthood! Where to next? North Georgia pumpkin patch… that’s right… we already started planning!

Addy’s ZOO outfit was made by Shyla over at Simply Southern on Facebook… check her out and LIKE her!


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