addison @ nine months & parker is THREE

Tomorrow is a BIG day at the Todd house… Parker is going to be THREE and such a big boy! WE are so excited that he and Lawson will be classmates at FUMP this year! Little miss priss, addison, is already 9 months! She is a hoot! She is doing everything a 9 month old baby should be doing and then some. I am pretty certain she is going to be walking pretty soon… which with #2, sometimes you are okay with them “just sitting” for awhile longer!! Our shoot was for sure threatened by a HUGE thunderstorm… it chased us to Jackson from Griffin, and there was crazy thunder and lightning ALL around us, but it barely drizzled on us, just had some wild WIND!!! Somehow we managed to capture some great pictures… my kids would have been screaming because of the thunder!!! I hope you love your preview, so glad it didn’t rain on us!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKER!!!!

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