anna & garrett are ONE | griffin georgia children photographer

It is pretty hard to believe that these two babies are ONE! They just celebrated their birthday a few weeks ago! This shoot was all about them… big brother Davis was at school, but we will catch up with him again next time! It has been fun to watch these two grow and interact with each other. You can tell that the CARE for each other almost as much as they ANNOY each other! The rocker was a hit… but I wish I could show you the outtakes of Anna trying to REMOVE her brothers hands from her AND the rocker!

If i remember right, I believe that rocking horse was their grandad’s when he was little, and the last dress Anna is in was hand-stitched for Mimi (their grandmother) when she was a baby! It is beautiful… i love it when I can include things that are special to the family. Hope you guys love your preview!


  1. Bridget Plott says

    How sweet and beautiful.

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