santa & cupcakes with mrs.claus

I am not even sure where to start in describing this event! It is something I wanted to do last year, but just didn’t get it together with the right timing AND I really didn’t have the confidence that I could do a good job. SANTA pictures come with HUGE expectations… I am not sure why, but they just do (even on my end with my own kids).

Kay and I started brainstorming pretty early this year, nailed down Santa and the Mrs… put it out there… and we had ourselves an EVENT. An event with a waiting list and people asking for “in” hours before it happened.

All but three of these families are currently my clients… and I am telling you, after most of my shoots, I feel like I am part of that family. I watch the kids grow and stay in touch through facebook and several of my clients have become dear friends. So to have this chance to see their children walk into a room with the kindest, warmest, most REAL Santa was awesome. Some ran right into his arms and just hugged him… and he hugged right back. Lots of the kids left telling Santa that they loved him and he gave kisses and told them he loved them right back. Of course we had our share of screamers, but it all truly warms your heart. To have that experience with my clients (and new clients)… really was special. Moms and Dads… thanks so much for trusting me (for the first time) to give your kids a memorable experience… and not just a picture!

While I do absolutely love the awe and wonder of Santa and sometimes wish i could visit the toy shoppe at the North Pole, most of you know that I truly believe with all my heart the reason we celebrate Christmas. The awe and wonder of Jesus Christ has such a resonating place in my heart that I hold close on a daily basis. I hope that my children and the people that i have met (and will meet) will grow to know the depth and truth that Christmas brings to our lives. I don’t think I would have ever dreamed that I would be doing what I am now… but looking back on my life, I am shown time and time again the the Lord has bigger and better plans for me and my family that I could have ever dreamed. The neat part is looking at the path He has taken me on and how purposefully He has placed people and events in my life. My hope is that i can make an impact on the lives of the people that surround me… whether it is capturing a memory forever in picture, listening to struggles, laughing at the funny things our kids do, crying with you as you are grieving the loss of a parent… while trying to capture your last moments, remembering the children you cannot hold right now, snapping a few photos of your kids when the get their braces off, putting the camera down and enjoying the delight in your ONE year old’s eyes as they demolish a cake… whatever it is… thanks for letting me IN to share those moments… i have loved them all!

to see ALL of the pics posted, check my facebook page!  but here are a few of my favorites!

This event wouldn’t have been as incredible without the help of Santa and Mrs. Claus. They were so loving and patient, and I know that every child that walked through those doors felt LOVED and listened to! Kay… thanks for the time you spent with me brainstorming and really also the support and encouragement you have given me these last couple of years! You were a great hostess and of course loved by so many! Nicole… thanks for helping with Mrs. Claus and for being such a great hostess for the cupcakes and cocoa! Kay’s decorating elves (suni, april, anna, Christine… i think i am forgetting someone)… you all did a FABULOUS job and have some crazy decorating skills! Anna… thanks especially for making my hopes for the cupcake corner a reality! Kate O’Quinn (from Creative Provisions on Facebook), thanks so much for providing Mrs. Claus’s cupcakes AND for the cookies, they were fabulous! And for those whose houses I robbed of “cute” things… THANKS!!! I owe you big!! Joey, thanks SO much for the crash course on the lighting!


  1. hey cindy. these pics are so great!!! i love the santa pics and always checked them on fb. i love the ones of hte sleeping baby, snugglies and of course the stansberry kittens!! very sweet pics. you are so talented and so well loved.

  2. Marquitta Houston says

    These are priceless, you and your crew did an excellent JOB!!!

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