brooke @ 11 months

Brooke turns one in just a few weeks!!! I was so glad that her mom and dad were willing to drive down here for a shoot! She is one of those babies with a very classic look! Check out the little curl… she loves to suck her thumb and twirl that little curl in her fingers and it is PRECIOUS! Mom and Dad, thanks for fighting the ATL traffic and heading down here last week! I think we got some great shots… hope you like your preview!


  1. Cindy, these are fantastic! Melanie – you guys look great and these photos of Brooke are beautiful!

  2. Melanie Babcock-Browm says


    Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures of Brooke. We enjoyed meeting and working with you. My family and friends loved these adorable photos.

    Thank you, again, for capturing the spirit and personality of our baby.


  3. Melanie! So glad you liked them! Hope to see you again in the future!!

  4. Sarah! thanks for sending Melanie my way!

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