{juicy} ansley @ 4 months

I don’t think this mom will mind the TITLE of her album: JUICY. I also KNOW that there are a few of my mom friends out there (and Ansley’s mom) who can confirm… that Ansley in fact fits in the JUICY category. Oh… she is just so roly poly that you can’t stand but giggle and want to pinch. To be JUICY… basically your baby’s ROLLS have to have ROLLS, and you can’t wrap your fingers around their thighs! Juicy babies have EXTRA creases in the most pinch-able places. The real TEST is that at some point while you are out and about( between 4 and 9 months of age)… some other lady has to proclaim (loudly), “That baby is JUICY!”! I didn’t believe it, until I heard those very same words directed at my sweet and chunky baby girl! My friend Kameren introduced me to the TERM… and I just wasn’t positive that Lawson fit in, until it was PROCLAIMED at TJMaxx one day! Ansley… welcome to the club!! You are a sweet, beautiful, and JUICY baby girl!

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