on the GO!!!!!

I haven’t really met any of the other photographers around this area, but I was VERY excited when Amanda emailed me asking to swap services. She is a very talented and sweet photographer… look her up on facebook under Amanda Bennett – Family Photographer.

Little Hayden is seriously ON THE GO. If he is down, he is heading somewhere!! Our goal for our little session was to get some good family shots and to just let MOM be on the other side of the camera! I think we got the job accomplished!!

Mom and Dad are also on the GO! Not only do we have photography in common, but we are both moms, and somehow in ministry. Amanda’s husband, Chad, just finished up seminary and will hopefully soon accept a position as pastor at a new church! I know the Lord will bless your time in this new adventure… even though it will be tough to be away from your friends and family here. HE will put people in your life to support and encourage you for this season in your life!!!

Hope you like your preview!

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