Andrew and Rhonda are one of those couples that instantly can make you laugh and feel like you have known them for years! Andrew is the pastor at Voice to the Nations. I think he and his wife Rhonda might have secretly laughed at me (in a good way) when I asked them if they might want to go for 2 different “looks”… one more formal and one more casual. Well… as you can see…. they dressed UP for the second part of the shoot. I absolutely love that about them… come as you are. Worship isn’t about what you wear… it is about your heart and where you are with the Lord! I am pretty confident anyone who walks through the doors of that church is welcomed with open arms (and a big hug). I ALSO love that these two are madly in love with eachother! I had never met them and after a few minutes could tell that they probably still get excited to go on date nights together. I had a great time with you guys and am grateful for the lives that are changing because of your ministry here in Griffin.

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