meet tori @ 4 weeks

One of my favorite things ever is to see good friends become moms. It is almost like joining a club together… a sort of understanding and just feeling like you are talking TO or WITH someone who “gets it”! This mom and dad are special to us because they are part of our community group, but also because Ms. Tara used to watch my sweet boy once a week while I worked. WE LOVE HER at the Stansberry house! Anyway… TORI is absolutely as precious as her mom and dad… and then some. She had a rough first two weeks, but coming home and snuggling into life was right up her ally! Tori was WIDE awake for the whole shoot and SOO excited about her first session with me! I love it! Enjoy this sweet, precious girl!!!


  1. Mary McLean Cason says

    I sit here with tears rolling. Tori is the most beautiful child EVER. It may be because I love her parents as much as I do, but she is amazing and a complete God-send. We are all blessed to be a part of her precious life!

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