macy @ three months | griffin georgia infant photographer

So, it turns out that Macy’s mom was IN the delivery room with me on my daughter’s BIRTHday! How fun is that? I asked her if she was the sweet nurse that held my hand while I had the epidural and she said “no, I was the sweet nurse that took care of Lawson!” Ha… even better! I loved all of my nurses!

I had a great morning with Macy and her brother Andrew. You can tell that he loves and is very protective of her! He didn’t like it when I put Macy down on the HARDwood floors… and you know, macy didn’t like it either! Luckily, she has one of those fun “worm-looking” carpets!! Macy hammed it up a bit for us, blew some bubbles, and is about one day away from rolling around! Hope you all love your preview!

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