just some more “city folk” | northern virgina family photographer

I was a bit amazed that MOM from “joshua and aiden’s” post below could convince some of her friends to have a shoot with ME! Having never met me and only a couple days notice, i am REALLY hoping this mom loves her preview!

To me… this family just made me think “DC”. I have never had a family walk up to me in a park for a shoot, with out a care in the world, after a full day of work, AND DAD just happened to have some awesome coffee. If you know me… you know that I am a bit addicted to coffee… especially if someone ELSE makes it for me! Here in Griffin… i am limited to Jerrys and Dunkin Donuts! Anyway… this super laid back “city folk” family was so much fun to be around. I am almost GLAD that little brother would hardly smile… he is gorgeous, so it is good that he is SO serious… had he smiled the whole time, i might have thought he was flawless!!! I had a blast with you guys… and DAD… next time, I am going to take you up on that cup of coffee!

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