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So, i don’t really know where to begin with this family. I feel like I have secretly wanted to be PART of this family since high school. “Becky” and i have been friends since elementary school, but super tight since highschool. Our families have been friends since our moms and dads were “young adults”, our siblings each had someone to pal around with. Probably the most important thing is we all grew up with an incredible church foundation and parents that knew the importance of a growing relationship with God. We went to camps together, mission trips, and had some incredible people impact our lives.

Bill and Sue not only were incredible examples in their faith, love, marriage, and parenting for their own children… but also for those that were watching from the outside!

I am so grateful for their influence in MY life, but also for the friendship that has developed between Bekah and me! It is such a blessing to have spent some time with you all in Culpeper, and had a blast at Bekah’s shower!!! Can’t wait to meet baby boy!

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