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This was my second shoot with Anne and Kate, but this time they invited their sweet cousins Charlotte and Frances. They ALSO invited their Grandmother!!! I know she is just in heaven when she is around these girls. Not only does she have two beautiful daughters, but to add on FOUR beautiful baby girls… I am sure they keep her busy, but I can tell she loves every second!

Our location was also super special… another Secret Garden of Griffin… i was AMAZED and there was something different around every corner!!


  1. Ann O'Neal says

    Thank you, Cindy, so very much fo my most precious birthday present! What a sweet day for all of us and what special pictures you have given our family of this treasured time in our lives! I am humbly thankful for your gifts and your willingness to share them with all of us! Can’t wait for you to make more pictures of all my wonderful girls! Hoping to see you when I am up Griffin-way! Ann

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