1st braves game and 1st day of school

A few weeks ago, Daniel and I took the kids to their VERY first Braves game!!!  We had LOTS of fun and even Lawson seemed to enjoy all of the music and entertainment.  Miles was a little bummed that Tim Hudson wasn’t pitching… but I don’t really think he would have known the difference!!!

I took a break this past week from shooting so I could focus on my OWN baby boy who started PreK at Crescent. He goes to school every day and all day! Such a big boy! I did get pretty teary almost every day last week when I dropped him off and he climbed up those stairs on his own!

This stage of life goes by so quick… sometimes it amazes me. That is one reason why I love my job so much. I wish I could follow all of my clients around on the first day of school to capture that moment of independence and anticipation, but I am really glad I was able to be there that morning with my sweet Miles!

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