trey+tara=sweet baby tori

This sweet couple is part of our church small group. Not only that but, Tara, watched my son for me once a week for more than a year. She was amazing, he loved spending time with her. I remember talking to Trey one day about “future plans” and he just said simply…” i want to marry Tara and I want to be a dad, and that is all i know for now!” Here they are 3 years later, married, happy, and expecting their first little girl. Every new baby comes with so many new emotions, experiences, and challenges, and I know these two cannot wait to have her in their arms and see what her future has in store. She is going to be smothered with love and surrounded by incredible family… i can’t wait to meet her, so be sure to check back for more in a few weeks!

I have a few more to post from our session, but I gotta wait for the okay on those!!!


  1. Love love LOVE that last one, Cindy! Beautiful! I also really like the second one, but that last one is my favorite.

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