Seeley Ray is HERE!

So… I would LOVE to introduce Seeley Ray to you. THIS baby boy… well… he is a miracle, he is a LOVE, he is a JOY, and he has brought a new sense of PEACE to this mama and daddy. That is about all I can say without crying. So… here he is, and I am sure you will see more of him in a week or so. I MIGHT let mom settle in before I hold his first official photo shoot!!!


  1. Oh, isn’t he just precious! What a darling…and how does mom look so darn good? Rock on for her! You can pass on my congratulations! 🙂

  2. These are GORGEOUS!! They are going to absolutely treasure these pictures! Such a great job Cindy!!

  3. Leslie Goodman says

    Just wanted to say Congratulations to both of you. This child will bring so much joy into your lifes. He is truly a beautiful baby and a gift from God. Cherish him always! What a gorgeous family you have.

  4. Megan Britt says

    I’m beyond thrilled! Congratulations to mom and dad and beautiful photographs, Cindy!

  5. Randy and LuBowen Cloud says

    Beautiful baby boy!!! Congratulations!!! Love you both

  6. Erin Stitt says

    What a happy day! Congratulations, and I am so happy for you two!!! You are blessed with a beautiful baby (although right now I can’t tell who he looks like!) and Allison – you look great…you do not look like you just gave birth!!! I cannot wait to meet him! Stewart, you did a great job keeping Allison calm!

  7. Janice Schroeder says

    Thank you Cindy for sharing your beatuiful photos. They brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations Allison and Stewart, I love you both!

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